"Dream of Future" Project 2019

The basic concept of the „Dream of Future“ multifunctional assembly station is based on unconventional methods of auto and battery production, distribution, renting...globally. Auto and battery production in a "module-system", and the assorted services built around of it, applying full digital technology. To build & plant stations that will produce, service, distributes and rents in the same time. All this, in the name of environment protection - using reusable energy and cable-free, wireless technology. Where the electric car is just a "tool", the importance is in the services around the vehicle. This is how we see the future - everything from one hand.

Conventional car factories and their models function with great expenditure, using thousands of spare parts. Their newly completed models can be damaged while shipping. Shipping from the factory to the client itself takes often too long. For this, we will build all 3 parts of our Project with a special (easyto-assemble) "modulesystem". This will enable us a less expensive and speedy transportation/shipping & easy assembly. Our solar powered stations play a central role. It is a very modern, yet wellfunctional solar powered assembly factory, bio restaurant, a conference hall and an educational centre. The also solar powered digital chaging columns are all around the station, they can be planted anyplace where electric vehicles are being used. A special recreational park (including an artificial lake), and a testing/racing field are also planned with each station, to attract even more tourists.