bontino fyo brochure 2019.pdf

The initial e-car developments from SH27 Design

We first drew the design of our car on paper in 2007, based on careful market research. We wanted a totally new design, resembling nothing else...it was a success. Our goal was to create a vigourous, massive construction with diverse functions.

2007. UNITIS Pro/ENGINEER Design Competition - Category of automotive industry:  2nd place – design of Bontino EMC electric modulcar.  

The BONTINO FYO ( For You Only ) is 100% original SH27 Design - from bumper to bumper. Electric cars have a reputation for being designed by people who believe that they should look different from conventional engined cars. We will hand build it with over 90% of the components being created and sourced here. The power train, aluminium chassis, lightweight bodywork and alu-battery is own development. 

Our goal to capitalize our project on the following fields/regions 
- newly created eco-cities.
- newly created/built cities.
- regions with large tourism, tourist traffic and luxurious islands.
- large global already established cities.
- airports, train & bus stations, etc.

Conventional car factories and their models function with great expenditure, using thousands of spare parts. Their newly completed models can be damaged while shipping. Shipping from the factory to the client itself takes often too long.
For this, we will build all 3 parts of our Project with a special (easyto- assemble) "modulesystem". This will enable us a less expensive and speedy transportation/shipping & easy assembly.

All over the world demand of pure electric & hybrid vehicles is increasing. The users are looking for low cost, high life cycle & fast charging vehicles.
The batteries are highly critical component in electric vehicles. Advance batteries like lithium ion are very expensive. These are
hazardous. Lithium ion batteries are difficult to recycle and also there is no scrap value. Lithium ion batteries also cannot be charged below 0°C. The development of the BattGun battery the following aspects were taken into consideration.:

- break with the traditional technology, simplify production processes
- drastically reduce toxic substances
- develop synthetic materials, cost-effective production
- quickly assembly, construction of huge cells

Multi-directional development in the field of energy storage

Many prototypes ( for multipurpose use ) have been built in the last few years. The goal is getting closer.

- renewable energy storage ( BattWall )
- for electric vehicles ( BattGun )

Modular and demountable structure, very high energy density, unique manufacturing technology, self-directed constant inside temperature. No soldering, welding or gluing. Non-toxic, solid electrolyte. Alu-Hybrid battery.

The BattGun aluminum battery can be charged and discharged rapidly, is low cost, has a long life, and possesses high security. It is expected to replace the traditional high–polluting lead acid battery, and has great potential for future energy storage.

Coming soon!!